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Never Up and Strive for Betterness

        On April 23rd, led by Mr. Liu, the CEO, staffs of Hengweixiang went for a hiking along Songshanhu Lake. We felt warmth, had laughters, sang songs, helped each other and played games during this hiking activity. We walked along the road, experienced hardships and got harvest!

        We arrived at the parking lot of Songshanhu Lake at 15:00. Then distributed things based on groups. At 15:30, we began the hiking. The weather was fine. We even jokingly said, it was the cooperative weather God that brought us the fine weather. We took photos while walking. We wore unified clothes and held colorful flags. We were like a beautiful scenery, attracting much attention. On the road, we sang songs, and tried our best to walk in front. We walked in a line, a long "line" thus formed. As we walked further, laughters died away, instead, everyone strived to go forward.

        Maybe God wanted to test us, as the fine weather had changed to be bad. In an instant, black cloud gathered overhead, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, and a heavy rain came. Some of us proceeded against the wind and cloud while others tried to find a place to take shelter from rain. The male colleagues sent the umbrella to female colleagues. Those who were energetic helped support those who were tired. The high-spirited colleagues encouraged the exhausted colleagues. As it gradually became dark, the light in front became our guide, fellows's encouragement became the impetus and light from cellphones helped lighten the road for us. We told ourselves: proceeding, proceeding, victory was waiting for us!

        Fellows who arrived at the destination prepared food for those on the road, and helped those following them to have a rest until the last one arrived here.

        On the journey, none of us gave up. No one had ever imagined he/she could finish the 30-km hiking and transcended himself/herself. It turned out, we can be better! We can do better! Tomorrow we will be brand-new! Hengweixiang will have a bright future because of us!

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