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Product Category: Spray cleaning, Low/No-foaming, Resist to strong alkali and with high efficiency

Product performance description:Specifically used for spray oil removing, degreasing and cleaning under high pressure

  •         L585A no-foaming surfactant: it is an environmentally-friendly surfactant specifically used for spraying liquid degreasing agent at room temperature temperature and under high pressure. It is a high-quality surfactant produced by applying various foreign latest environmentally-friendly, loam-foaming, no-foaming polyether surfactant and additives and the latest techniques. It can be used to prepare various high-quality environmentally-friendly cleaning products like high-performance and high-pressure spray liquid degreasing agent, for spray oil removing and degreasing for metal workpieces at room temperature and heated temperature and under high pressure with the help of conventional cleaning additives. It has the following advantages:

            High-efficiency--powerful spray oil removing and degreasing capability under high pressure, good wetting, penetrating and emulsifying property, high efficiency, good durability

            Effectively protect various metal workpieces during degreasing process, non corrosive, better maintain the luster of workpieces

            Using temperature scope--normally used at room temperature and above, resist to alkali solution and electrolyte solution(≥50%NaOH);

            Environmentally-friendly-- biodegradable;

            Meet the performance requirements of high-performance liquid degreasing used for spraying and cleaning at room temperature and heated temperature and under high temperature on surfactant.

  • Appearance                           colorless or light-colored transparent oily liquid

    Water solubility                     soluble with water at room temperature, and the solution is transparent

    pH value                                8.0~10.0(5% water solution)

    Consistency                          1.4200±0.010(25℃)

  • Neutral-to-alkali and strong-additive liquid degreasing agent: 8%~35% L585A( according to whether the greasy dirt of the workpiece to be cleaned to be light or heavy)

  • Appearance                          visual inspection

    Water solubility                    soluble with water at room temperature

    pH value                               measure with pH meter(5% water solution)

  • Package                                      200Kg/ cask

    Storage and transportation     store and transport according to common chemicals and store at cool and ventilated place

    Guarantee period                     18 months



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