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Product Category: Immersion/Ultrasonic cleaning, Heating or ambient temperature

Product performance description:Specifically used for immersing/ultrasonic oil removing, degreasing and cleaning at room temperature

  •         S603H surfactant: It is a high-quality surfactant secfically used for immersing/ultrasonic oil removing, degreasing and cleaning at room temperature. It is a high-quality surfactant produced by applying various foreign latest polyether surfactant and additives and the latest techniques. It can be used to prepare various high-quality cleaning products like degreasing powder, degreasing agent and cleaning agent, for oil removing and degreasing for metal and hard surface with the help of conventional cleaning additives. It has the following advantages:

            Powerful oil removing and degreasing capability to various stubborn greasy dirt, high-efficiency, good durability; used from room temperature to 65℃, the optimized using temperature is 55℃±3℃;Strong alkali , strong acid and electrolyte solution resistant; good solubility, convenient to prepare oil removing powder, weak alkali liquid cleaning agent, acid cleaning agent for removing oil and rust and acid washing additives.

            Meet various technical requirements of the production lines of immersing and ultrasonic oil removing, degreasing and cleaning on surfactants in room temperature or mesotherm.

  • Appearance                          colorless or yellow oily liquid

    Water solubility                    soluble with water at room temperature

    pH value                                6~9 (5% water solution) 

    Cloud point                           53℃±10℃ (1%S603H water solution) 

    Cleaning efficiency              ≥99%

     (Bath solution: 0.5%S603H、2%Na2CO3 water solution; 55℃±2℃,artificial greasy dirt)

  • Cleaning object: steel pieces, aluminum and its alloys, zinc and its alloys, copper and its alloys

    Cleaning method: immersing, ultra sound, manual scrubbing and cylinder wash

    Cleaning temperature: room temperature to 65℃

    Cleaning requirements: no corrosion to any metal, completely clean greasy dirt, charcoal ash, blash ash, without leaving residue and water stain

    Technique process: treatment before coating: pre-degreasing→main degreasing→water washing→surface conditioning(omissible)→phosphorizating/vitrificating/silane→water washing→drying→paint/powder spraying→electrophoresis

    Treatment before galvanizing: chemical pre-degreasing→chemical main degreasing→water washing→electrolytic degreasing(negative pole/positive pole)→water washing→acid activating→water washing→relevant galvanization process

    Recommended proportion: oil removing powder:2%~10%(choose according to whether the greasy dirt of the workpiece to be cleaned to be light or heavy)

    Degreasing agent: 5%~20% (choose according to the greasy dirt of the workpiece to be cleaned to be light or heavy)

    Reference formula:

        steel piece                                                     aluminum alloy piece

        Na2CO3                                          7%            H₂O                                                      75%  

        Sodium metasilicate pentahydrate  25%          Sodium tripolyphosphate                      3%

        Sodium tripolyphosphate                10%          Sodium Metasilicate Pentahydrat          4%

        S603H                                             7%            EDTA-2Na                                            1%

        Na3PO4                                          25%          KOH                                                      0.5%

        NaOH /KOH                                   15%           Na2CO3                                                0.5%

        EDTA-2Na                                      0.5%          S603H                                                  12%

        Diethylene glycol monobutyl ether  1%            S681B                                                   4%

    Notes: when preparing oil removing powder and degreasing agent, it should be considered whether alkali additive agent will corrode metal should , and whether corrosion inhibition and protection measures should be taken.

  • Appearance                          visual inspection

    Water solubility                    take S603G to drop it water at room temperature , they are mutual soluble

    pH value                               measure with pH meter (5% water solution) 

    Cloud point                          (1% S603Hwater solution)   prepare 1%S603H water solution and take 50ml and drop it into 50ml colorimetric tube, then heat it in the water bath kettle until it becomes turbid, take out the colormetric tube and cool it in the air, use 0~100℃ microthermometer to the temperature of this 1%S603Hwater solution when it changes from being turbid to being transparent and make a record. The temperature thus measured is its cloud point.

    Cleaning efficiency              measure according to Chapter Six of JB/T 4323.2-1999

    (bath solution: 0.5%S603H、2%Na2CO3 water solution; 55℃±2℃,artificial greasy dirt)

  • Package                                      200Kg/ cask

    Storage and transportation     store and transport according to common chemicals and store at cool and ventilated place

    Guarantee period                     18 months



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